Wolfdog of London Website Launch

Hello, World!

After a year and a half of posting pictures of Mr V on instagram, we have decided to expand his share of the internet by building this little space. Here we can have higher resolution photos and longer blog posts, to spare you some of our essay captions on social media. The other reason for creating this website is to centralise our portfolio for Vulric’s modeling and advertising work, and make it easy for brands to get in touch with us.

Whether you are a friendly follower from Instagram here for fun or stumbled across us for the first time – there will be something for everyone.

We are planning a series of fun posts but if you have any suggestions or requests, leave us a comment! As always, we will make sure to let you know on Instagram when we next publish new content.

2 Replies to “Wolfdog of London Website Launch”

  1. I have been following your instagram account for a long time & love to see more pictures/videos of Vulric. Is it possible (i.e. of course if Vulric is willing & able) to put a go-pro on Vulric & let us see the world from his point of view?

    1. Hi Yoanna, so glad you enjoy Vulric’s adventures. I would have to look into chest straps for a GoPro for Vulric. I don’t think he would enjoy a headstrap much. Let us look into it, it is a very nice idea.

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