Life with the Wolfdog of London

What is the wolfdog temperament? Can wolfdogs live in the city or in an apartment? How much exercise do wolfdogs need? What do you feed wolfdogs? Are wolfdogs expensive?

The best way to understand Vulric’s life is to simply follow him on instagram @wolfdog_of_london for daily updates. We also have an extended Q&A section in our profile highlights there and regularly host live sessions where anyone can chat to us about our Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. If social media is just not enough, we also attend a series of events each year, where you can meet Vulric yourself. We advertise these on his profile and will keep updated here.

Feel free to Contact Us with any questions you may have.

Please note that we are not trainers, behaviourists, vets or breeders. While we appreciate anyone reaching out for advice, we trust professionals for a reason – please hire someone qualified to help with your pooch if you have any concerns. We will happily share our own experiences and even recommend you anyone we have worked with if you are local.