Wolfdog at Work

Vulric, the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, enjoys obedience work and training. From humble beginnings in puppy school, he went on to gain Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold at 14 months.

Today, his training and his dashing wolfie looks make him an excellent animal to work with.


Vulric has been practicing for photoshoots since he was young, with his first professional photoshoot with Phodography at the tender age of 4 months.

I met Vulric for the first time when he was just a small puppy and instantly fell in love, not just with his incredibly unique look bit with his character. He photographed beautifully and considering he was under 6 months old, he was better behaved than my 5 year old! Our second shoot, I saw just how far he had come and wonderfully he had been trained. It’s wonderful because he looks so wild and yet he is trained so well! We photographed him in the middle of the city, people, traffic, constant distractions and he was focused and calm and I still adore the images. I’d photograph him every day if I could, absolutely a pleasure to work with and stands out a mile.” – Ursula, Phodogaphy

Since then, Vulric worked as a model for a number of photographers, and has also featured in blogs, a documentary and there is more to come!

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Social Media Influencer

From the day he was born, Vulric’s owners kept a daily photo diary on Instagram to track his adventures and lock in precious memories. Over a few months, Vulric;s account grew by thousands of followers, who enjoyed hearing about his city lifestyle, the joys, troubles and laughter he was causing.

For the past year, Vulric has promoted a range of products on @wolfdog_of_london as an Instagram Pet Influencer. We work with creative agencies or with brands directly. Here’s what some had to say about their experience:

This was our first time working with an influencer and I can definitely say we made sales that we can attribute to the exposure, saw some great content being made and an uptick of visitors to our website. We also got great feedback and metrics working with @wolfdog_of_london” – Edd, DaisyElliott

Vulric’s owner went above and beyond to create quality content for the campaign, contributing to much of its success. An absolute pleasure to work with and we hope to collaborate in the near future again.” – James, Social Chain

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Event Promoter

Wolfdog in UK

Vulric is a sociable dog and living in London, very used to crowds. He has promoted a number of events, from a food company at Crufts, to the Kennel Club itself at Discover Dogs.

I met Vulric at Discover Dogs and I was amazed to see how calm he was in an environment full of people and other dogs. He was placid and not phased by the amount of people that came up to him and wanted to touch and interact with him. Vulric is a beautiful dog with such a kind nature and a brilliant character! He is a real credit to the breed and set a brilliant example of the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog.” – Rebecca, The Kennel Club

He featured on BBC News for Doga press night, and has also appeared at private events such as birthdays and weddings.

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